The foundation stone was laid in 1888 and when complete for the first 2 years members were asked to pay 1 shilling a year for their seat for the next 2 years to help defray costs.

During the early years the chapel including the gallery was packed for services and activities were  arranged every night bar Saturday. Monday : Band of Hope, Tuesday: Christian Endeavour, Wednesday:Bible study, Thursday: midweek service, Friday: prayer meeting. On Sunday there were 4 services; Sunday school, 1100, 1430, 1830 gospel service with the latter followed by a prayer meeting.

Compared with today facilities were primitive. A tortoise stove, oil lamps, coconut matting on the floor and an earth closet at the rear.




A more detailed history is available in the excellent book

The Book of Sculthorpe: A Pictorial and Historical Celebration –  Gary Windeler